Shorts Package 4: Blend Into the Colors

The Tour (7 min)

While giving a video tour of her house, a young woman describes the most significant moments of her life.

Faux Flowers (23 min)

Inspired by Eugene O’Neill’s ‘Long Day’s Journey into Night,’ we follow a typical day for a family that slowly descends into madness as the day progresses. A mother receives news that her husband may be sleeping with her teenaged son, and the revelation destroys her pretty existence.

Trip Upstate! (11 min 44 sec)

A group of millennials venture upstate for a [psychedelic] weekend getaway, when they meet an unwelcome guest.

You Don’t Know Jack (15 min)

A very good-looking Jack is always on the hunt for hook-ups until he meets his match with physical challenges.

Black Rainbow Love (40 min)

Black Rainbow Love shares the stories of the black LBGTQ+ community in a way that has never been done before. The authentic and transparent stories of love, intimacy, friendship, spirituality, marriage, self-care, community, purpose, and were extracted from the 17 interviews of 28 lovers. The stories reflect the real lives of real people from a community whose culturally relevant stories aren’t being told, seen, shared, or discussed.