Shorts Package 2: Waving Rainbow




FAG (35 min)

Seventeen-year-old Thomas is attracted to Esteban, a fellow student. After a drunken kiss at a party, the rumor about Thomas’ homosexuality quickly spreads around school, and the young boy soon faces judgment and discrimination.








Kiss Me (10 minutes)

A mischievous teen explores an empty beach house unaware of the video cameras watching his every move.






And What if I Am? (15 min 59 sec)

Bullied by classmates and lacking support from his parents, Tim is suspended from school and left at home alone. Rebelling against his mother’s instructions, Tim chooses to spend the day with Josh, a mysterious new student in his class.









Peer (19 min 25 sec)

An aquaphobic college student on vacation falls for a lifeguard in Ocean City, Maryland, who helps him overcome his fear of the water.









Unbroken (4 min  55 sec)

This is a story of gender discovery, a search for identity and wholeness. Unbroken is a musical drama showing the fight to become free from the bonds of society, history and shame.






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