Shorts Package 1: Kink Culture



No One Knows I’m A Dog on The Internet (3 min 34 sec)

It explores digital taboos, kink subculture, and ideas of privacy in an age of twitter porn and only fans. Referencing the 1993 New Yorker cartoon by Peter Steiner, King performs and composes an online identity of puppy play, a popular underground kink expression in LGBTQ+ spaces. Despite being out as a queer man over a decade and having explored pup play and other kink for years, King highlights his own self-consciousness toward others finding out about his sex life.






The Best Little Bath House in Town (20 min 48 sec)

After attending the most well attended sex party ever, Artie Reyes decides to bring the host, Phil, along on a new business venture: a bath house.




Safe Word (15 minutes)

Cesar, an emotionally stunted masochist, must confront his self-loathing after his dom, Bear, reinterprets the rules of their game. They arrive at a paradigm-shifting result neither one of them expects. Safe Word asks how comfortable are we at choosing our own pain? And what happens when we examine it?